Art with a cat and without bread

Sometimes the internet is like a lost and found box. You see things you never imagined. Always good for a smile: Cat art and – surprinsingly – bread art – Without bread of course. 

A gluten free museeum explains why we need gluten

So yeah! Picasso needs bread…

as well as Roy Lichtenstein.

Roy Lichtenstein-Mustard on White

Let`s stay gluten free and watch a movie. But what happened? There is nothing to share!

Walt Disneys

This is for all the gluten (free) fans: A fanpage for both parties

And what about the cat`s? Here they come:

Fat Cat Art introduces: Zarathustra the Cat

Ginger Cat Zarathustra imitates Dalis The Persistence of Memory

Oh no! It happened again thought the cat and realized: The food disappeared.

Ginger Cat Zarathustra imitates Munchs Scream

And now you know why Mona Lisa`s smiles: She pets a cat. What a pleasure!

Ginger Cat Zarathustra with Mona Lisa

More meow!

Special thanks to Maike de Rose for this wonderful picture of her cat Schlunz. I recommend her blog for ice cream lovers and food lovers with my warmest wishes.


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